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Sachin Garg (सचिन गर्ग)
Visiting Assistant Professor at Indian School of Business
My PhD is at the intersection of Big Data and Public Policy. The world today, faces a “data deluge” that can potentially provide deep insights on the profound changes happening around us. However, harnessing this data for the public good would require the appropriate institutional and policy mechanisms in place. Thus, my work seeks to examines the duality between “Big Data for Public Policy” and “Public Policy for Big Data” and identify how the twain can meet. Prior to joining the doctoral program, I worked for fifteen years in the Information Technology industry in various capacities with both product and service organizations. My last position was as a Service Engineering Architect at Yahoo! India R & D. My IT industry tenure has prepared me for: * managing, leading and mentoring cross functional teams; * architecting and developing IT solutions, especially tools to condense the software development cycle; * providing strategic consultancy, developing technology forecasts, and developing RFPs; * providing training on Intellectual Property issues in software; and lead Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) initiatives. Apart from possessing practical knowledge of the complete Software Development Life Cycle and Software Quality Assurance processes as defined by the SEI – CMM, I am also hands-on with: * GNU/Linux in multiple form factors — Embedded, Real-Time Systems as well as Web scale systems. My GNU/Linux expertise spans includes not only systems programming, but also systems installation, administration, troubleshooting and networking; * programming in multiple languages — C, Bash, Awk, sed, Tcl/Tk, Python, R. I am an ardent champion of F(L)OSS and keenly interested in its social, philosophical and legal aspects as well other movements associated with it. Specialties: Big Data, Public Policy, Linux, Open Source, Networking

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